World Sight Day 2022: “Your eyes, a window to your health”

17 October 2022

On the 13th of October, the world celebrated World Sight Day around the theme “Love Your Eyes” which places emphasis on the need for awareness about eye health and taking care of our eyesight. To address this issue, which touches many of Alteo employees, Dr Ramess, Ophthalmologist at C-Care Wellkin Hospital, was invited to deliver a talk on the subject on Tuesday, 11th October. Two sessions were thus held in the conference room of Union Flacq, attended by 56 employees of Alteo Agri Ltd, Alteo Energy Ltd, and Alteo Milling Ltd.
World Sight Day aims at drawing attention to blindness and vision impairment,  and stresses on the importance of having our eyes tested annually. As vital organs, our eyes give us the ability to see and process everything around us. Dr Ramess discussed different factors affecting eye health like diabetes, disorders and diseases, as well as signs of eye fatigue, strain, and injury with our welders and sheet metal workers amongst others. The talk particularly related to precautions that must be taken, wherein the case of welders, wearing a welding mask is compulsory due to exposure to UV radiation. The sessions included details on cataract symptoms, cock-eye correction, and daily exercises one can practice to strengthen eye muscles. Dr Ramess concluded his talk with a reminder of the value of having an eye check-up every year and wearing prescription glasses. He also underlined the difference between an optician, someone who makes eyeglasses, and an ophthalmologist, like himself, who diagnoses and treats eye conditions, a common misconception people have.
Those who attended the sessions gave positive feedback and shared their appreciation for the importance given to vision care. “You can’t risk working without eye protection”, said Arvind Sooknauth, Health and Safety Officer, “It’s a no-brainer for our welders and sheet metal workers who are constantly exposed to harmful radiation. Eye health is key and it matters to take care of our eyesight by taking preventive measures and getting them checked”.  In this context, Dr. Manna, Ophthalmologist, provides annual eye check-ups to Alteo employees every year at Union Flacq, while Dr Ramess invited attendees to an open day held on Thursday the 13th of October, in light of World Sight Day at C-Care WellKin Hospital.