Wakashio oil spill latest update

13 August 2020

After discussions with the National coordination team, it has been decided to end the production of floating barriers at Anahita Mauritius as from today. Other production sites will continue until Friday 14th August.Moving forward, international experts from the United Nations, including oil spillage experts, will coordinate the cleaning operations.
Moreover, additional professional cleaning equipment have arrived in Mauritius. A special committee is being set up with these experts, relevant authorities as well as private sector operators and NGOs to identify what needs to be done and how volunteers can be most helpful. As soon as a clear way forward is identified, we will let you know.

Even though this crisis is not over yet, and Alteo will continue to contribute to the national effort against the Wakashio oil spill, we wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our colleagues as well as the volunteers who worked tirelessly since last week to make floating barriers. We would also like to underline the hard work done by the members of different departments of Alteo to make this endeavour possible, such as the Workshop, Agriculture and Energy teams, the Garage and Procurement teams, the Anahita, Anahita Golf and Spa Resort and Property teams, as well as our Sustainability officer.

Thanks to their engagement and dedication, more than 30 km of booms have been produced in less than a week. Some of these floating barrages have already been placed at sea while others will be placed in the coming days where they can be most useful for our lagoon.
The fight is not over yet, but we can be proud of our achievements so far.
We will keep you updated on the situation in the coming days.