Transmara Sugar Company proactively implementing preventive measures against coronavirus

03 June 2020

As a response to the COVID-19 outbreak impacting the world, our Kenyan sugar operations, Transmara Sugar Company (TSC) has implemented preventive measures to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. To date, TSC has recorded no case of Coronavirus amongst its employees.
“Our priority remains the safety and health of all our employees. That is why we have put in place sanitary procedures to ensure that everyone is working in the best conditions. For instance, everyone has been equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipments such as masks and gloves. Infrared thermometers at all pedestrian entry points have been installed, and each section has been equipped with hand sanitizers dispensers at convenient points for access by all. We are having regular meetings with several public health officers, representatives of cane cutters to sensitize the cane cutters on social distancing and the need to sanitize,” says Frederick North Coombes, CEO of TSC. 

As a producer of basic necessity goods in Kenya  in the production of essential products, TSC has been exempted from the curfew of Kenya and has continued its operations. “In order to limit physical contact, employees have been instructed to stay in their respective offices and use online tools to reach out to colleagues or external partners. Posters underlining the various health measures in the fight against the spread of COVID 19 have also been pinned on all notice boards both at the factory premises and at its satellite offices/weighbridges.”
The fight against COVID-19 involves everyone which is why, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility actions, TSC has distributed water tanks and soap for hand washing to local public facilities, including the Enoosaen Public Clinic and Enoosaen Police Station. The company is also dispatching more of such supplies to the neighbourhood markets.