Transmara Sugar Company Limited sponsors a local football squad in the South Rift Provincial League in Kenya

05 April 2018
Created in 2012, TSFC has come a long way – from the Enoosaen Boys High School training field to reach the First Division of the Kenyan Football League.
In 2013, the club enrolled in the Nyanza South Provincial league and came in 3rd overall.  Since 2014, TSFC is led by Coach Tom Kadwe and his assistant, Wilson Okemo. Together, they gave a new meaning to the term football, bringing about change to the club’s management style and leading the team to play in local tournaments. In 2015, the club entered the South Rift Provincial League. After an overall successful season, coming in 2nd in the league, TSFC was promoted to the Second Division of the Kenya Football League. 2017 marks a turning point to the team’s existence, with its promotion to the First Division of the league from 24 February 2018.
TSCL proudly sponsors the club by offering accommodation facilities to the players within the company quarters, as well as transport to playing destinations, and by purchasing game kits. The company also feeds players on match days and provides them with transport facilities for training sessions.