Solar (Helios)

We have a long-standing commitment to green energy production. We own 49% of Helios Beau Champ, which operates a 9MW photovoltaic farm since 2018 and exports its average annual production of 16GWh to the national grid. We are looking forward to more investments in this sector.

Efficiency and innovation are a priority for Alteo. The Beau Champ power plant is equipped with photovoltaic inverters that automatically detect problems, and the plant’s control centre transmits energy production forecasts to the Central Electricity Board every 30 minutes.

Moreover, Helios Beau Champ is a major component of Alteo’s sustainability strategy. By generating energy from a clean, renewable source, it will help reduce Mauritius’ emissions and the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. The project will also create local employment throughout its planned 20-year lifespan.

16 GWh

of power exported to the grid every year


solar panels


hectares of land

Sustainable Future

Alteo has embraced renewable energy, including cogeneration, photovoltaic and wind for a more sustainable future for Mauritius.