Cogeneration (Alteo Energy)

We are pioneers in cogeneration in Mauritius, operating a 41MW biomass/coal power plant which supplies steam and electricity to our milling operations and the national grid. As an Independent Power Producer (IPP), we export an annual average of 170 GWh of electricity to the Central Electricity Board. Over half of our production is derived from renewable sources like bagasse and cane trash. We are planning to develop a more efficient power plant to replace our existing facility that will contribute to the national goal of supplying 40% of the local electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030.


Share of green energy exported to the national grid

73 GWh

produced by Bagasse and Cane Trash Per Year

170 GWh

exported to the national grid

Sustainable Future

Alteo has embraced renewable energy, including cogeneration, photovoltaic and wind for a more sustainable future for Mauritius.