How TPC is handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Tanzania

11 May 2020

We have successfully introduced a Covid-19 Action Team called CAT. Their focus is to ensure that all safety measures are being adhered to and also to further educate our workers of safe working practices,” says Marius Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of TPC. The CAT act as a contact tracing operation team with a special follow-up on positive and suspected cases on a daily basis. They are also getting information back from workers about challenges and any ideas they may have. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, a mechanic at the garage of TPC was tested positive after showing symptoms. He was admitted to a hospital in Moshi and has also been quarantined with eleven of his co-workers for a period of 14 days. “Fortunately this employee has now completely recovered and will return to work after another 7 day mandatory isolation. All the other employees that had close contact with him and that were quarantined for two weeks have shown no symptoms over this time and will return to work in coming days.”
TPC has also implemented strict precautionary measures, such as temperature checks at all entry points, social distancing, regular deep cleaning including a complete disinfection of the garage area, where the mechanic who tested positive was working, so that everyone can continue to work in a safe environment. All employees of TPC have embraced this new way of working and interacting with those around them quite well with management  constantly looking at new ways to further enhance safety measures as the COVID-19 situation around TPC evolves.