Bonsucro Global Week held in Bangkok, Thailand

18 March 2019
Bonsucro Global Week is the leading global event for sugarcane sustainability and is the annual flagship event of Bonsucro, the global sugarcane platform.
Bonsucro Global Week, the leading global event for sugarcane sustainability, was held from March 11th through 15thin Bangkok, Thailand. About 150 professionals from across the World, working in the Cane and Sugar Industry were present, including Rajiv Ramlugon and Chitra Beekoo-Kooja from Omnicane, as well as Dina Ramgobeen-Gukool from Alteo Milling. The latter is currently working, with Alteo Milling and its supply chain, for the Bonsucro Certification, a project Alteo is expected to achieve by Crop Season 2020. As such, the Beau Champ Area will be the first section of Alteo’s land to be certified as part of the Farm level.
During the Bonsucro Global Week, key developments in the certification process were presented, including revisions of the Chain of Custody, the Production Standard, as well as the certification against the new Smallholder Standard. A panel discussion and a workshop on the alignment of Fair Trade and Bonsucro Standards were also organised.
Panellists also addressed key challenges faced by the Industry – the decline of the world’s sugar price is affecting  all operators – and some opportunities for innovation and change in business models were presented. The multiple benefits of the implementation of technology and IT for smart agricultural practices in Thailand, Brazil and India were underlined: the reduction of production costs at farm level, an uptick in interest from a younger workforce for the industry, thus compensating for the lack of labour due to an ageing population. To conclude the Global Week, a visit to one of Thailand’s main Sugar Producers, Mitr Phol and Farm, was organised.