Alteo is a public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 2012. We have set forth on an ambitious path to reach new heights in terms of operational excellence and innovation in Agro-business, Energy and Property.

Our vision: Making the East
an everlasting place to grow.

We are Alteo: spearheaders of the Mauritian East, in an island of a thousand resources. At the heart of this exceptional region, we bring to life a sustainable social and economic model, and we build a world of opportunities.

We are Alteo: a key player at the service of an ecosystem where excellence and authenticity are nurtured. Driven by an eco-responsible philosophy, we protect and nourish the fields of the East through our pioneering initiatives. We create value through these lands, for our local communities.
From cane and our internationally-recognised special sugars, to sustainable farming, our agro-business activities continuously show their high potential and quality.

We are Alteo: a firm supporter of our country’s energy transition initiatives. Through energy, we bring new harmony between Man and Land. We strive to transform our beliefs into action, for the well-being of future generations: we are thus committed to producing 100% renewable energies within the next 5 years.

We are Alteo: promoters of a philosophy of life deeply rooted in a rural heritage. On the preserved lands of the East, we ensure a smart development so that local communities can thrive. Here, we create new standards of living.

We are Alteo .
Feel our heart beat.
Embrace our philosophy.

Core values

Our core values influence how we conduct business and are the foundation that we build upon to ARISE:

We dare to dream big.

We treat one another and our environment with consideration.

We are honest and firm in our principles.

We are one team, one Alteo.

We aim for the best in everything we do.